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I’m Holly

Let’s make a bigger impact through the power of great writing. Together.

My Story

I knew that I wanted to be a dietitian from a really young age.

It just took a while to figure out where I belonged in the field. Can you relate?

Confession time: I didn’t know that copywriting was even a thing until I’d been working for a few years. But how could I have? In school, I was taught that dietitians worked in a hospital, food service or long-term care setting. That’s it.

Except that isn’t it: registered dietitians are working in more  unique and powerful roles than ever before.

But here’s the thing; our impact hinges on our ability to communicate. That includes how we communicate in writing.

I’m happy to have found where I can have the greatest impact (and the most fun!). As a nutrition copywriter,  whether I’m taking projects off of your plate or teaching you how to tackle your own, I firmly believe that good writing is a non-negotiable.

My Philosophy

Great writing empowers you to make your biggest impact.

And isn’t that why we’re all here – to make a difference?

If your readers are confused, uninspired or don’t feel understood, they aren’t going to take action (as least not with you).

Your writing matters.

As nutrition entrepreneurs, we wear many hats.

And while there is truly nothing we can’t do, we can’t do it ALL well.

Delegation is magic.

Mentorship is magic.

How can I help?

How Can I Help?

Fun Facts

Get to know your writer

Becoming a vegetarian at the age of 12 launched my journey towards becoming a registered dietitian.

I love curling up with a good book and a tasty drink.

My partner is a carpenter and is incredibly creative and talented.

Henry, our son, is the most magnificent creature.

Teddy, our gentle giant Bernedoodle, is my constant shadow.

I believe that we can do absolutely anything, but we can’t do everything well.

Your business will grow faster – and with greater joy – when you work in your zone of genius and delegate the rest.


Registered Dietitian

Nutrition Copywriter


  • Registered Dietitian (RD)
  • Licensed Dietitian in Ohio (LD)
  • Bachelors degree in Human Nutrition from Ohio University
  • Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from The Ohio State University
  • Advance training in SEO and copywriting

Prior to becoming a nutrition copywriter, my career includes diverse experiences:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) in clinical and community settings
  • Teaching as an adjunct professor
  • Private practice
  • Functional and integrative nutrition

This means that as your dietitian writer, I have broad skills and experience set to fuel our projects together.

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