Next Steps

Snickerdoodle, I’m so happy that you’ve taken the time to learn new copywriting skills. The more that I can empower dietitians to be effective with your work, the better off our world is going to be. (Suck it, uninformed TikTok influencers, amiright?)

If you thought that this course was helpful, please know that we’ve just scratched the surface of what I have to offer you. 

I have a robust writing course that goes into detail about writing high-quality blogs that help your ideal client to find you, trust the work that you do, and become paying clients. 

I also have lessons on SEO, how to start a business, how to write emails and email sequences, and even a lesson on winning web copy. The course is self-paced and offered in bite-sized lessons so that you can snack along and learn as your schedule allows. 

In addition to the on-demand content, we also have live workshops, office hours, and even time to get feedback on your writing (totally for free) each and every month. 

This course has so much to offer you right now…and it keeps growing! Once you’ve joined the course, you get access to any and all new content, on the house. 

Let’s keep this party going, shall we?

Use coupon code 7days to save $200 on the writing course, right now. 

The Writing Course for Nutrition Professionals

I cannot WAIT to keep working with you!