The Dietitian Money Conference

Your golden opportunity to build a better financial future.

Hey RDs: are you feeling…

  • Like your paycheck is too dang small?
  • Frustrated that other professions make more than you do?
  • Scared to negotiate?
  • Worried that you only have one stream of income?

Would you like to…

  • Know how to have “the talk” with your boss about your total compensation?
  • Learn creative and flexible ways to make more money with another revenue stream?
  • Understand how in the heck our reimbursement rates are determined (and what you can do about it)?
  • Build a vision of an abundant future that is actually doable?

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introducing the

The Dietitian Money Conference

Let’s Talk About Money. A Lot.

We can’t change what we never talk about.

Let’s pull back the curtain, build confidence and take action.


Who Is This For?

The Dietitian Money Conference is for dietitians, DTRs and dietetic students who’d like to…

  • Feel confident talking about money.
  • Know how to generate more revenue with additional revenue streams.
  • Budget their money well, even if it varies.
  • Advocate for their compensation with confidence.
  • Have a personalized plan for abundance.

What’s included:

  • 11 dietitian-lead masterclasses
  • Live Q and A sessions with the speakers
  • A private community networking group
  • 11 CEUs
  • A full year to watch the materials
  • Inspiration, skill-building, and networking with dietitians from around the world.

Meet Your Speakers

> Pricing Digital Products: The Magic Number Approach with Megan Boitano

> How to Negotiate a Better Job Offer (and a Raise!) with Stacey Dunn-Emke

> How to Create an Abundance Vision Board with Elis Halenko 

> How Policy Affects your Paycheck with Laura Poland & Amy Lewis 

> More Than Money: Time as Wealth with Heather Neal

> Earn a 6-Figure Income via Multiple Revenue Streams with Amy Gorin

> Let’s Talk About Passive Income with Katie Dodd

> Unlock More Profit by Scaling with a Product Suite with Charlyn Ooi

> Budgeting with a Variable Income with Ana Reisdorf

> How to Make Money as a VA for Dietitians with Kathryn Durston

> Achieving Financial Freedom Through Digital Nomadism with Whitney Bateson


When is the conference?
What is the time commitment?
How much does the conference cost?
Where is it?
What if I can’t attend a live session?
Do you have a student rate?

What are you waiting for?

meet your host

Hi! I’m Holly

I am not hosting The Dietitian Money Conference because I have it all figured out. I don’t.

What I AM good at is gathering people together to have important conversations. We can learn from one another and have the audacity to believe that a better financial future is possible.

The time is now. If we waited until we felt ready to take action, absolutely nothing would get done (and spoiler: nothing would change).

I’m tired of waiting. Aren’t you?

Let’s take action. Together. Right now. Even if we don’t feel 100% ready.

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