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16 Health and Wellness Blog Topics for 2021

With 1,000s of bloggers writing content daily, is it even worth it to write new content!

100% yes!

Your readers want to hear from you. (Yes, you!) Blogs help to boost your know, like and trust factor for your audience. 

What is the first thing that you do when you are looking for info? You Google it. 

Me too! And most importantly, so does your audience. 

Having new content that is helpful to your ideal client prepares them to want to work with you.

Here are sixteen new health and wellness blog topics for you to add to your content calendar. 

Bust a myth

There are so many nutrition myths these days about food. What are the common misconceptions in your niche? Bust ‘em! 

Myth-busting makes for catchy headlines, too! 

Share favorite tools

Whether it is a favorite kitchen tool for your recipe development, the app that helps you to grocery shop with ease or your favorite books for inspiration, we love personal recommendations. 

Tip: this can be an opportunity for affiliate marketing. 

Budget tips

Many of us have a renewed focus on the budget at the beginning of the year. How can you help your readers in your niche to get more value from their purchases?

Do a round-up

A round-up is a powerful opportunity to network with other professionals with your health and wellness blog topics in your niche. Do a round-up of recipes for the season, tips from other registered dietitians, a discussion on complex and controversial topics, your favorite books or lessons learned.  

Trendy vegetables or fruit

With 9 out of 10 American adults not eating enough fruits and veggies, we can offer encouragement to eat more. What are the barriers to eating fruits and vegetables to your ideal audience? 


Dry January? Caffeine-free tea options to promote a good night’s sleep? Hydration for athletes? Your favorite reusable straws? Controversies about sippy cups? 

There are a lot of topics to consider with drinks! What topic would make life easier for your readers?

Joyful movement

What helps you to stay on track with movement? What routines, tools or equipment are you loving lately? Share those tips and tools with your readers. 

Gardening, farms and farmer’s markets

From herbs on the windowsill to a little patch in your back forty, gardening can produce veggies, fruits and herbs and reduce stress. Gardening can also help kiddos to eat (and actually enjoy) more veggies. You can also cover visiting the farmer’s market or subscribing to a CSA Share

Eating out

What are the concerns of your folks about eating on the go? Is it saving money? Making healthier choices? Relaxing and enjoying it and not overthinking? Less alcohol? We all like to eat out sometimes and love a night off from cooking. How can you help your audience in this arena?

Meal prep

What tricks do you have up your sleeve to make getting dinner on the table just a little bit easier? Are you a fan of freezer meals? Do you have favorite items to stock your freezer with (Green Giant zoodles, thank you very much!)? 

Sometimes as registered dietitians, we forget how much we really know. Things that might seem obvious to us might be a game-changer for someone less comfortable in the kitchen. Share your wisdom!

Intuitive Eating

How often does your ideal client say “should” about eating? How can you help your ideal client tune into their own body, manage stress with ways in addition to comfort eating and tone down the morality around choices? 


As registered dietitians, we tend to be Googling names of deficiencies, diseases and conditions. That’s because we’re in the medical field!

But for most of us, our ideal audience are lay people. And you know what they’re Googling? 


What are the aches and pains of your ideal audience? What exactly are they typing into Google? Those are the words that need to be in your blog post, specifically in the title. 

Swim upstream

We are a diverse field, and we really shouldn’t all agree anyway. Our field is too young, there is a lot of controversial stuff and the science is unfolding as we speak. 

It is totally ok to swim upstream. Just make sure that your claims are based on good science and cite your sources. It wasn’t that long ago that leaky gut was scorned as a myth. 

Vitamin D

Or any vitamin, really. But I have to say, I do have a soft spot for Vitamin D.

While I love promoting whole and real foods to eat for nourishment and for pleasure, sometimes a bit of information about a specific vitamin or mineral is really important. 

Vitamin D and your immune system? 

Magnesium and anxiety – let’s talk about it!

Stress management

I think it is safe to say that most of us would love to have less stress in our day-to-day lives. The past year has been bananas. 

When is stress good? What is too much? How do you know?

What are risk factors for your readers to feeling stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed? Any of these things would be helpful health and wellness blog topics for your readers!

Wellness promotion

How do you rate, measure and cultivate wellness? Do you talk about financial, spiritual and physical wellness? Our food choices are so important. Less obvious are the many factors that promote or inhibit wellness. What can you simplify for your readers?

Tip: no matter what health and wellness blog topics you cover this year, make sure that you’re speaking directly to your reader. One important way to do that is to use this word each time you craft a post. 


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