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The Very Best Book Club Books: 2022 Edition

Hello, fellow book lovers! Let’s swap recommendations, shall we?

This year was my first year of motherhood, so my round-up of the best book club books: the 2022 edition is a tad shorter than before. Also, I dove head-first into a series that lasted me the next year or two, so while it is only listed here as one item, the recommendation is a whole series of 27 hilarious books. 

Without further ado, here are the very best books I read and recommend for you to check out. These are a combination of the top books from my own book club, as well as a few I discovered on my own.

I have one small favor for you, if I may. All I ask in return is that you comment below with your recommendations for me – thanks!

Note: this blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for your support!

When Women Were Dragons

By Kelly Barnhill.

It’s honestly hard to put into words how much I loved this book. It is an engaging and profound tale of women who become so fed up with it all that they quite literally burst into dragons, leaving their human form behind. 

And then: the aftermath. Is this transformation something we can talk about, ever? From shame and silence to disclosure and understanding, this is a book worth reading today. I gave this book to many a folks for Christmas and birthdays this year. 

Snag your copy.

The Rule of One

By twin sisters Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders.

This book was an exciting, near-future dystopian novel where the rule is that you’re only allowed to have one kid. 

For 18 years, a family has kept a dangerous secret: they had twin girls. Now, the two young women take turns going into the world, attending school, and meeting with friends, all while pretending to be the same person. 

…until the shit hits the fan and the secret gets out. Now, they’re on the run for their lives. 

Snag a copy.

Louisiana Longshot

By Jana DeLeon. 

Picture this: a delightful combination of the Golden Girls and Miss Congeniality.

This hilarious book series stars Fortune Redding, a CIA assassin hiding in the small town of Sinful, Louisiana, who is staying off the radar of a global terrorist. More comfortable in camo and boots, Fortune is pretending to be a beauty queen. She quickly makes friends with two women who might seem harmless on the surface but have their own secret past.

This quirky trio is quickly in cahoots, solving mysteries, running to get first dibs on the Sunday banana cream pie, and dodging the occasional explosive. 

It’s light-hearted, funny, and has been the perfect series for this new mama who is sleep-deprived and needs something not too complicated to read.

There are now 27 books in this series, and I’ve read every single one. 

Snag a copy.

The Lost Carousel of Provence

By Juliet Blackwell. 

The Lost Carousel of Provence is a tale of discovering who you are despite hidden secrets. Cady, a photographer, goes on a bit of a wild goose chase and ultimately finds herself amongst the relics of an antique carousel. Prepare for a grumpy old Frenchman, a persistent yet melancholy American photographer, and bonding over garlic bread. 

Snag a copy.

Olga Dies Dreaming

By Xochitl Gonzalez.

Olga and her brother are both powerhouses in their own right in New York City; Olga is a high-end wedding planner for the most elite of clients, and her brother Pedro is a beloved congressman.

But alas, their public personas do not match their true selves, and this story is a tale of honoring who you really are and the risks of secrets.  

Snag a copy.


Much to my own surprise, I’ve become a Kindle lover! 

I really enjoy the fact that I can read in bed without the light on, so it doesn’t bother my partner. Nor do I need to jostle around to turn off the light as I’m falling asleep. For a tired mama whose mind can be a wild place, having a smooth transition to sleep is quite helpful. Here is what I’m using if this might be helpful for you, too!

More book club recommendations

This post is one of a few round-ups of book club book recommendations. If you’d like more suggestions from this bookworm, here you go!

That’s a wrap

It is such a joy and a privilege to get to sneak into another world through the pages of these books. I’m grateful to these authors for their creativity and skill and to our libraries and booksellers for making them available. 

I’d love to keep adding books to my list! Comment below with any books that you recommend to me, please and thanks!


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