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The Best Dietitian Podcasts for 2024

They say that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Why not welcome some amazing dietitians and entrepreneurs into your ears and be inspired to make 2024 your best year yet? 

In this post, I’ll share my list of the best dietitian podcasts that I recommend you check out. From learning the skills we weren’t taught in school (ahem, SEO) to an opportunity to expand our mindset, these podcasters will have you hooked, too. 

New around here? Welcome! I’m Holly Larson, registered dietitian, and nutrition copywriter. I ghostwrite for some big names in the nutrition world and am also a copywriting mentor in The RD Blog Club

Grab your earbuds – it is time to start listening. 

The Dietitian Side Hustle

Katie Piercy Dodd is the inspiring host of The Dietitian Side Hustle podcast. Her show was launched while still working as a full-time employee and growing revenue streams on the side. These days she is celebrating her second anniversary of being in entrepreneurship full-time. 

Katie hosts short, actionable podcast episodes on all things money and generating income. She is also brave and shares vulnerable episodes, such as this one, about mental health and entrepreneurship. Katie and I also chatted on this episode when I first launched my writing course. Thanks, Katie!

Listen here: The Dietitian Side Hustle.

The Growth Show with Whitney Bateson

The new kid on the block for 2024 is a great podcast launched by my friend and colleague Whitney Bateson.

I’ve known Whitney since I had a great experience with her program to launch my new website and she spoke at The Dietitian Money conference about being a digital nomad and her pursuit of becoming financially independent.

Whitney has a lot of wisdom to offer about having a successful online business and I’m so excited that she has chosen to share this in a podcast format.

Listen here: The Growth Show.

The Unconventional RD

Erica Julson is an RD, entrepreneur and SEO wiz. (In fact, she is the creator of SEO Made Simpleaffiliate link).

The Unconventional RD podcast offers tips and strategies on all things website marketing, business, and more. She also interviews RDs doing all sorts of things in her business, and I find it really inspiring to learn from other movers and shakers in the field.

One of her recent episodes walked us through earning more by doing less; I know that I’m guilty of trying to do it all, so this one was a great reminder to try things but to also reflect, see what is bringing you income and joy and continue to prune out the things that aren’t. 

Listen here: The Unconventional RD Podcast.

Do All The Things Podcast

Christine Dyan Thompson is a force to be reckoned with. Her podcast – formerly known as The Make More Money as a Dietitian – offers deep wisdom about why we are where we are (hint: it’s us) and who is responsible for cultivating our own amazing, wealthy future (hint: also us). 

Christine’s podcast episodes come with practical tips served with a hearty side of tough love. 

Listen here: Do All The Things.

Freelance Dietitian Podcast

Toronto-based dietitian, entrepreneur, and freelance writer Julia Zakrzewski has a robust library of podcast episodes about business, writing, and all things entrepreneurship. Julia has episodes interviewing some pretty big names in the field (and smaller names like yours truly!). Julia also has produced solo podcast episodes where she discusses tougher subjects like losing a client. 

Listen Here: Freelance Dietitian Podcast.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is not a dietitian, but you might know her from her amazing book, Everything Is Figureoutable

Marie’s podcasts are charming, solution-oriented, and no longer than they need to be. Helpful, when you only have so long to listen! Her recent episode Stretched Too Thin? Do This Before You Burnout… Or Worse was a timely episode for me as I think about how I’d like this year in my life and business to pan out. 

Listen here: The Marie Forleo Podcast.

The Health Pro to CEO 

Orly Wachter is a registered dietitian and coach who helps her clients to find their dream business. There is no cookie-cutter solution to the business that brings you the most joy and profit. Cultivating your business requires saying no, having boundaries, and getting over the fear of showing up online. She covers this and more on her show!

Orly was kind enough to invite me on her podcast to record an episode about Creating Connection and Conversions Through Storytelling.

Listen here: The Health Pro to CEO Podcast Orly Wachter.

Even more dietitian podcasts

I haven’t even had a chance to listen to all of the options of podcasts hosted by dietitians. A few others that are on my shortlist to check out include:

What did I miss?

While there are very few downsides to working from home as a dietitian, IMO, one of the few is that there are fewer opportunities to listen to podcasts. And my dog Teddy seems to be annoyed if I wear earbuds while we’re walking together – stinker!

I do like listening to podcasts while riding on my Peloton bike.

How about you? What podcasts are you loving lately? Comment below with your recommendations!

This post was originally published in January 2023. It was updated in March 2024.


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