How to Be Productive at Home: Maximizing Efficiency as an Entrepreneur and Mama

Wondering how (in the hell) to be more productive at home so that you have more space for all of the rest? I’ve got you.

Efficiency isn’t just about the decisions I make in my work; it also matters how I approach my personal life, too. Life doesn’t just happen in a vacuum, after all. As a nutrition copywriter, it is far more difficult to get good writing done when my brain feels like a busy train station. 

Time seems so much more elusive as an entrepreneur and now a toddler mom. I have had to become far more purposeful and adaptable in my life to be able to get the top priorities done. 

In the hopes of helping my fellow entrepreneur parents, I’ve written this round-up of ideas and strategies that have helped me have less decision fatigue in my life outside of work. The main theme? Doing less, minimizing decisions, and hiring help. 

Let’s dive in!

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The breakfast menu of one

One of my first time-saving strategies is the simplification of my morning meal routine. I eat the same breakfast every single day – a Red’s turkey breakfast burrito accompanied by fruit. This ensures I start my day with a nutritious and fulfilling meal that is also portable, should I need to hop in the minivan to get my kiddo to daycare.

Being somewhat of a hobbit and waking up early my “second breakfast” is usually oatmeal adorned with all the toppings, including nuts, seeds, and brown sugar. 

This routine is not just a timesaver, it keeps me energized and is one less decision to make.

Morning routine

Now that my son is two and I’m no longer tired to my bones every single day, I like to get up before he does and get some movement in. 

I love my Peloton; the teachers are amazing and it feels far less intimidating than scrolling through YouTube to find a good workout. For now, I’d rather work out at home vs. trying to get to a gym.

I get dressed, shower, and brush my teeth all before I wake my son up. It’s so much less chaotic putting in contacts when you’re not dodging toddler hands (if you know, you know).

Low-key meal prep

I have a very casual approach to meal prep; you won’t catch me spending a lot of time on a Sunday afternoon cooking a lot.

Instead, I just like to double certain efforts. My biggest time saver is to simply double any recipe that’s suitable for freezing.

For instance, when making beef and barley stew, I simply chop up double the ingredients and place half in a gallon freezer bag for a future meal. It doesn’t take that much more time to chop more carrots and onions.

Lasagna, chicken and veggie soup, shepherd’s pie, falafels, birthday cake (frosting and all), and muffins are all fair game for making a bigger batch and tossing the extra in the freezer.

This approach not only saves time but also ensures that on particularly hectic days, a healthy, homemade meal is just a thaw away. And, when we get hit with a daycare plague or a friend needs support, it is SO nice to be able to snag prepared food right from our freezer.

Hot tip: if you double a recipe that is intended for a 9X13 pan, you’ll usually have the right amount of food for three of these disposable 8X8 foil pans.

The Color Consultation 

Recently, I took a step that has surprisingly simplified my daily routine and boosted my self-confidence: I got a color consultation done. Discovering the range of colors that complement my natural tones has been super helpful (once I came to terms with the fact that black, white, gray, and pink were out of bounds!).

Now, when I shop for new clothes, the process is far less overwhelming. I can quickly zero in on pieces that I know will look great on me, making the experience much more pleasant and efficient.

This newfound knowledge has been especially valuable as I continue to embrace the changes in my body postpartum. It’s given me a boost of confidence during a time when I’m still getting used to my body today.

Cards made easy

In our bustling lives, it’s easy to forget the power of a heartfelt, personalized note. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with using Felt for sending personalized cards, complete with pictures, directly from my phone! I’ve used this app for years and LOVE it. 

Imagine this: after a lovely afternoon visit with a friend, you can send a beautiful thank you card, adorned with a picture from your time together, without the hassle of going to a card store or post office. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT have time for that.

The Felt app allows you to choose your design, type or personally write a message on the back, and handle the ordering process within minutes. Felt takes care of the rest – the printing and the stamp – ensuring that your loved one gets real-live mail without any added stress on your part. 

Sunday Afternoon Planning

Each Sunday afternoon, as part of my routine to manage the bustling life of entrepreneurship and motherhood, I dedicate time to sit down with my Sol Planner. This is a dedicated hour to strategically plan for my week ahead to ensure a balance between work obligations, family time, and self-care. Having my Sol Planner encourages me to reflect on my priorities and make intentional decisions about how I allocate my time.

This process significantly lessens the overwhelm, transforming a towering mountain of tasks into a series of manageable hills. By identifying the most important tasks for each day, I’m forced to prioritize effectively, ensuring that my energy is directed toward activities that align with my goals and values. 

This weekly ritual has become a cornerstone of my strategy for reducing stress and fostering a sense of control and accomplishment.

Assigned chores

Daily chores can quickly accumulate, leading to decision fatigue and a sense of being overwhelmed, especially when the laundry seems to be staring back at you from your home office.

To combat this, I’ve implemented a simple yet effective system of assigning specific house tasks to particular days of the week. This approach not only streamlines my weekly routine but also ensures that no task is neglected. For instance, Mondays are reserved for watering my plants. Thursdays are for taking out the trash.

By spreading out these chores, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in decision fatigue and an increase in my overall productivity.

Hiring Help

In our quest to balance the intricacies of daily life, my partner and I have come to realize that trying to “do it all” isn’t just unrealistic; it’s unsustainable.

We are fortunate enough to have a lovely angel from heaven, our housekeeper, who comes to clean twice a month. This assistance has been nothing short of a blessing, allowing us to maintain a clean-enough home without stretching ourselves too thin.

Additionally, we’ve hired a lawn service to manage our grass, ensuring our outdoor space is as inviting and enjoyable as the indoor. I hate mowing, and so does my partner, so this decision too has also given us more precious time to spend with each other and our toddler.

That’s a wrap! Tell me your best tips for being productive at home

And there you have it, a peek into the strategies and tools that have significantly contributed to streamlining my daily routine amidst the hustle of entrepreneurship and motherhood. 

From doubling recipes for stress-free meals to leveraging apps for meaningful connections, dedicating time for weekly planning, and systematically assigning chores, to the invaluable help of hiring professionals. Each of these steps helps to make my brain feel a tad less cluttered.

But now, I’d love to hear from you! Don’t gatekeep – share your wisdom in the comments below. 

What are your go-to strategies and hacks for how to be productive at home? What tools or services can you not live without? Let’s help one another to not only survive but thrive in our bustling lives.


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