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How to Get Out of a Creative Slump for RDs

Do you currently feel like you are in a creative slump with your practice? Whether it’s feeling unmotivated for client calls, not being creative in the kitchen, or digging for blog/content ideas, this work you were so passionate and excited about is all of a sudden… a burden! Feeling uninspired with your own creative content can feel so unmotivating. When things are not flowing like usual, we need to look at things from an outside perspective and challenge ourselves again. 

Reflect on the day you started your own business. If you felt the way I did, you were anxious, eager, and excited all tied together. Let’s bring back those feelings of joy and positivity. Here are some ways to help you feel rejuvenated, excited, and creative again. 

1. Hire a Student Intern 

As a nutrition student and “RD2Be” myself, I crave real world experience whether it is a shadowing opportunity, internship, or just an open conversation with a Registered Dietitian! Student interns bring fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, and fresh opinions into the workplace. Interns may be more “in touch” with newer research or current hot topics in the nutrition field. Reach out to nutrition students through Instagram platforms, connect directly with the nutrition department of a college in your area, or post an ad on your social media page. 

During one of my internships I was hired simply because I was young. The RD that hired me had no clue how to use social media but wanted help expanding her platform. I was able to start and grow her social media platform to bring in a new audience. I brought in new ideas that would be relevant for all age groups and topics that would bring in attention such as CBD, collagen, and even the dreaded chlorophyll water. 

2. Collaborate with other RDs 

That’s the social part about social media, right?! Another fresh perspective is to reach out to other Registered Dietitians to collaborate on material. If you work alone or have your own private practice, it may be refreshing to bounce ideas off of other RDs. 

Even if you work with a team, challenge yourself to work with new people. Use another RD’s experiences to expand your own. Understanding many different people and their needs could create a plentiful market for your work. Reach out to RDs through Instagram platforms, or connect with other private practices in your area!

3. Expand Platforms 

Clients appreciate consistent content, challenging yourself to send out something consistent that your followers will look forward to seeing. On my blog, Healthyish by Becca, I decided to challenge myself by sending out a monthly newsletter. 

At first, I had a hard time committing to the consistent content because I thought it would be a lot of work to do, especially during my busy school season. But then I thought, well I can write about school or what I’m learning in class. The beauty of it is that there are no boundaries or limits- just a blank page and my creativity! You may find something you like by trying new things- (okay mom, I get it). 

4. Move and play to recharge

Our bodies need rest, just like our mind does. Let your mind rest and rejuvenate. Give yourself breathing room to just…think. Trying to maintain a work-life balance can be difficult at times and often leads to burnout. 

Choose activities that you enjoy during your time off so that you can show up to work rejuvenated. Simple things like walking the dog, spending time with friends, or enjoying a workout class can refresh our minds leading to a more beneficial workday. 

5. Enjoy the waiting period 

If you find yourself squeezed out of nutrition content ideas- take a break. Enjoy the season of waiting. It feels like waiting for something unexpected to happen; you may not know when it is going to hit you but when it does it will feel so satisfying. 

I always get new ideas when I am not thinking about it. Sometimes they come in the middle of a conversation, in the shower, in a work meeting (don’t worry they can’t tell I zone out). If you get ideas sporadically, like me, keep yourself busy and enjoy the waiting period with grace and positivity. 

Key Takeaways: how to get out of a creative slump 

These are five doable ways to get out of a creative slump. We have all had those days as mentioned above that nothing seems to be going right in the creative part of the brain. Using other people’s insight and ideas could create many new ones for you. 

The type of focus and the ideas they use to market their knowledge could be used in your focus or market. A few changes to their wording and approach could be your next masterpiece in your own field. Independence is a great thing but can be hurtful sometimes, believe me, I know. Take these five steps, open your eyes to different ideas, or even just take a day off. You are creative. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you were not. Use these tips to make those tough and stressful days a little easier. A little help, collaboration, and a break never hurt anyone. 

All the best, 


Founder of Healthyish by Becca


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