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A (Glowing) Review of The Dietitian HQ Society: A Mentorship for RD Entrepreneurs

Picture this: you want to launch your nutrition business but don’t know where to even start. 

You’re overwhelmed with a zillion decisions to make and that dream of a flexible, profitable business seems so far out of reach. 

Enter The Dietitian HQ Society, a business mentorship program for dietitian entrepreneurs. 

This virtual, affordable program is packed with value and helps me to stay on track, make progress, and celebrate wins with a community of my fellow entrepreneurs. I love it and am sharing this review so that you can explore this program and consider joining, too. 

BTW, I’m Holly Larson, a registered dietitian, nutrition copywriter, and copywriting mentor. 

In this review, I will take you through my personal experience with The Society, highlighting its contents and structure, and discuss why it might be the spark you need to light up your nutrition business.

This review contains affiliate links, which means that if you decide to join The Society through my links, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. 

What is The Dietitian HQ Society?

Becoming a thriving entrepreneur requires a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond traditional dietetics training…our field doesn’t typically include any kind of business acumen in our schooling. 

The Dietitian HQ Society, or just “The Society” for short,  is a comprehensive mentorship program designed exclusively for dietitian entrepreneurs. The Society was founded by Heather Neal, a seasoned dietitian entrepreneur, systems wiz and business mentor. 

Her program aims to foster the business skills, strategy, and systems to develop your own nutrition business, whether that is seeing clients or something else entirely. 

Heather has an amazing strategy brain. And she has helped many dietitians who are working on so many different kinds of businesses. Before answering questions, she makes sure that she understands the full scope of where you are in your business and also in your life so that her suggestions can be as helpful as possible. 

Entrepreneurship is not one-size-fits-all and I really appreciate the time that Heather takes to get to know each of her members so that her advice is as specific and personalized as possible. 

My backstory

Joining The Society in 2019 was my very first investment in my business. 

I was an employee in a job that was sucking the joy from my day. I was really ready for work that was more fulfilling, more flexible, and with better compensation. 

Years before, I had been an entrepreneur, but I had made a lot of mistakes and I wasn’t achieving the financial or time freedom that I wanted. I didn’t want entrepreneurship to feel like it did the first time I tried it, without any guidance or mentorship. 

I knew things needed to be different this time around and I was hopeful that The Society would be an important investment.

Signing up for the membership felt exciting and even a tad scary; I was officially spending real money to support my dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. Taking action meant I was available for success and failure…but I was ready. 

Let’s launch this business!!

What is included in The Society Membership?

As a member of The Society, you get to participate in a predictable monthly pattern of calls and support. Society Members receive access to:

  • Monthly coaching calls: During the live coaching calls, each member gets to ask a question that they need help solving. This can be a big-picture question about where you want your business to go or a smaller (but oh-so-frustrating) tech question about getting a dang piece of software to work. Heather is calm, and competent and is able to provide us with thoughtful and thorough solutions. 
  • A supportive community: The Society boasts a private community forum where peers can exchange ideas, ask questions, and share their experiences. We can post questions anytime and answer one another. It’s a safe and encouraging community filled with entrepreneurs all along their journeys. 
  • Curated resources: Members get their hands on a treasure trove of resources that span templates, worksheets, and guides, all geared towards simplifying the complexities of business operations for dietitians.
  • Guest speakers: Heather also invites expert speakers to share wisdom and expertise on a wide range of topics. You can attend live or watch the recordings. 

As for my experience, these structured features provided a logical and supportive framework that reassured me I wasn’t alone on my entrepreneurial voyage.

How The Society has helped me

As a dietitian venturing into the business space, I found The Society to be helpful for a whole lotta reasons. 

In school, we simply aren’t taught anything about business. So even though we are nutrition experts, it doesn’t mean we know how to make money doing what we love. The Society has helped to bridge the gap between my nutrition expertise and entrepreneurial savvy.

Each month, I get to ask the question that is most important to my growth and get Heather’s feedback and advice as well as feedback from the rest of the Society crew. It is so helpful to have outside eyes on problems that can feel hard to tackle all by myself. 

Even if I didn’t have a specific question for the monthly call, I always try to attend so that I can learn from others as well as feel connected to other entrepreneurs. 

At the beginning of the month, we set goals for ourselves, Heather writes them down, and then at the end of the month, she asks for our progress updates. It’s great to keep taking action, big and small, in the pursuit of a business that makes us feel happy, fulfilled, and well compensated.

Beyond the practical tips, tricks, and guidance provided, one of the most valuable outcomes has been the boost in confidence. Interacting with fellow entrepreneurs who were facing similar challenges cemented the belief that my goals were attainable. 

What is “Success” anyway?

One of the best parts of being in The Dietitian HQ Society is the continuous reminder that all of our lives are unique and the best-fit business for each of us is going to look different, too. 

Heather talks a lot about different ways to measure success…it isn’t just about a certain number of dollars in the bank (although that is important, too). 

Heather is a mother, and for her, having flexibility around her parenting role is very important, just like it is for me, too. 

Success can look like having Fridays off, the flexibility to be available for your kiddos on no notice, or to take a nap in the afternoon. Success is about time freedom.

Who is The Dietitian HQ Society a Good Fit For?

Short answer: just about anyone!

If you are a dietitian entrepreneur at the beginning of your journey, struggling to transition from theory to practice, this program may indeed be your match. It also serves those who have made significant progress but feel as though they’ve hit a plateau and seek a fervent community to revitalize their strategies.

However, it is not for everyone. If you’re someone who isn’t available or interested in working on your business each month, you’re not going to get much out of this. But if you show up, put in work on a consistent basis, and learn strategies and skills to do your work better and with more ease, you’ll love being a part of The Society

That’s a wrap

TLDR: I love being a member of The Dietitian HQ Society

The Society by Heather Neal has been the launching pad for my entrepreneurial journey. I appreciate her thoughtful advice so much and love being part of a community of entrepreneurs. For less than the cost of my monthly cell phone bill, I have access to support, strategy and community.

If you’ve ever found yourself seeking a business mentor as you navigate the complicated world of dietetics and nutrition, The Society is just what the doctor ordered. With programs like this, you get to close the gap between where you are and where you are trying to get to, by making strategic plans of action so that you get where you want to go, faster and with less frustration. Next stop: your thriving business.

Click here for more information about The Society and to launch your membership. 


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