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The RD Blog Club Case Study: Meet Laura Ali

Today I’d like to introduce you to blog club member Laura Ali, a registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist.  Laura is the author of the MIND Diet for Two: 65 Perfectly Portioned Recipes to Boost Your Brain Health.

In her business, Laura offers freelance writing, recipe development, speaking engagements and more. Her blog has helped to establish her voice, and her authority in the field AND land clients to boot.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your experiences!

How long have you been a member of the blog club?

I’ve been a member of the RD Blog Club off and on for 2 years. I took a break for a while to focus on updating my website, finding my focus, and taking care of some client work but when I had a chance I jumped back in. 

How has being a Blog Club member impacted your writing?

Holly’s Blog Club has really helped me focus, and write faster, and I know my writing has improved. 

Her feedback has been incredibly helpful. Especially when it comes to how to make my writing more engaging and interesting for readers, and less “academic” but still credible. Her help with adding transition sentences, including a little humor, and adding a personal touch has made it easier for me to write – and now I notice when I’m not including them. 

I know my posts are much more interesting to read and hopefully, people will spend more time reading my blogs and on my site!

What do you find to be the most valuable part of being a member?

The biggest benefit of being a member of the blog club has been the feedback from Holly and her staff. I do love the accountability and community Holly has developed as well. It’s so encouraging to hear about the progress everyone is making. I know my blog is better because of investing in this and I’m seeing continued growth which is so satisfying. By putting in the time and focus I know I’ll at least have one, really high-quality blog post added to my site each month. 

What is your business model?

I’m a nutrition communications consultant working primarily with health and wellness brands and food companies. My main focus has been building writing samples and recipes with a focus on obtaining brand partnerships. I’ve landed 3 partnerships for writing and recipe development work because of what companies have seen on my site. I’d love to get ad revenue at some point for some passive income and am working with that goal also in mind but the brand partnerships right now are my focus area. 

Can you quantify the impact of being a member of the club? 

A number of the posts I’ve written with Holly’s help are bringing in the most traffic to my site. I’ve also had a number of potential clients tell me they’ve looked at my blog and are impressed with my writing and that is one reason they reached out. I can’t put a number on it, but I know I’ve landed at least 3 freelance writing projects because of my blog and am slowly seeing the traffic to my site grow. 

What would you tell a fellow dietitian who was considering becoming the next RD Blog Club member?

With so much competition in the blogging world today it may seem overwhelming and impossible for you to make your mark. But, with the help of experts like Holly providing accountability and feedback, your blog can shine and grow. 

Sometimes it’s helpful to have deadlines and as busy entrepreneurs it’s often hard to set aside time to work on your own things and focus on continuing to grow. While my blog is part of my business, it’s not something that is bringing in money at the moment so it’s easy to let it slide. That is part of why this blog club has been so helpful for me. I set aside the time for it. 

Holly includes 3, 1-hour group writing sessions a month. During this time she guides you through writing a blog, helps you focus, and answers questions. I make sure I set aside these 3 hours each month to focus and write and I honestly look forward to it. It’s also been a great way to meet other RDNs in the group and bounce ideas off of each other. 

Thank you, Laura, for being a member!

You can check out Laura’s blog (and amazing recipes) here.

Ready to join The RD Blog Club?

The RD Blog Club is a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs. I keep the group size small so that I can provide each member with personalized attention and feedback so that they can be successful in their business goals. If you’d like to join the waitlist for when new members can join, please click here.

I can’t wait to meet you and to hear what your goals are for writing!

Infographic of why Laura Ali likes being a member of The RD Blog Club.


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