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Tired Of Staring at a Blank Page?

I can help.

Does the thought of writing blogs and website text give you a sick feeling in your stomach?

Are they always on the to-do list…and never actually done?

Do you hear “SEO” and wonder if you’re the only one who isn’t quite sure what it is?

It’s time to partner with a nutrition copywriter – let’s chat!


Let’s Work Together

Engage Your Audience

Nutrition Copywriting

Delegate for greater growth

As an entrepreneur, you can do absolutely anything.

But you can’t do everything without burning out.

Delegating is your secret path to reaching your fullest potential – professionally and financially.

I am a business partner you can trust. Let me take writing off of your plate so that you can focus on the work that you do best.

Copywriting services include:

  •  SEO optimized blogs
  • Email sequences and newsletters
  • Web copy that converts
  • Marketing strategy



The RD Blog Club

Your monthly blogging accountability program

When you’re running a private practice, writing your own content is the first thing to pop on the back burner when you have a zillion other things to do…you’ve got a business to run, right?

But are you missing out on new clients, because your blog has cobwebs?

Or when you do take the time to write a blog, are you spending far too many hours in research rabbit holes  and feeling frustrated because you don’t have a good work flow?

The RD Blog Club empowers you to write one great blog post each month and actually get it posted (without taking all darn day).

Let’s get those good blogs posted so you can get back to business!

Learn to write well

The Writing Course

    For Nutrition Professionals

      Learn writing skills and strategy so that you can write blogs, emails and social media captions with confidence.

      • Self-paced; complete the work on your schedule
      • Supported with a private student group
      • Lifetime access to all current and future content
      • Live office hours and workshops
      Client Successes

      "She is worth every penny"

      Working with Holly has been a dream come true. The way she can capture someone's voice and personality is beyond astounding! Outsourcing tasks can be super hard (can anyone REALLY do it as good as you?!) but I've never felt more confident passing off a task as I do to Holly! She is worth every penny!

      - Colleen Christensen, writing client

      Client Successes

      "My organic website traffic has gone up tremendously"

      Before hiring Holly, I was struggling to write blog content consistently. Since working together I've been able to publish great content for my audience regularly and my organic website traffic has gone up tremendously. Her blog posts are thorough, easy to read and most importantly, capture my voice and message. Holly is wonderful to work with and I'm thankful to have found her!


      - Jamie Nadeau, writing client

      RD Blog Club Member

      "I wanted to thank you for all of your help with improving my blog writing. I’ve learned so much from you!"

      - Sara Flitter, RD Blog Club Member

      Client Successes

      "I now offer valuable content CONSISTENTLY that helps me both find and convert my audience into clients."

      Before working with Holly, my blog would go through fits and starts, with no confidence my keywords were doing much of anything to keep my website visible to my target audience. Holly changed all that! With her support and gift for copywriting, I now offer valuable content CONSISTENTLY that helps me both find and convert my audience into clients.

      Plus, I love working with her. I look forward to collaborating on writing together, rather than constantly feeling like blogs are the "homework I never get to" for my business!

      - Melissa Landry, Writing Client

      hey Snickerdoodle!

      I’m Holly

      Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Copywriter

      I believe that no matter where we work, our impact depends on how well we can communicate. Yes, that includes in writing.

      In school, dietitians aren’t taught how to connect well with our clients in writing. And so, when you are staring at a blank page, agonizing over each sentence, you feel like that dang blank page is staring right back. Help!

      I’m here to make you feel at ease with writing. Whether you delegate your next project to me or join my mentoring program to conquer the blogs yourself, your writing will feel more doable, more impactful, and even more fun.

      Three Benefits of Good Copy



      Your ideal client feels seen

      Good copy feels like a conversation between you and your most perfect client. When your reader feels understood, they trust that you’re the right dietitian to help them.


      You save time

      Good copy answers your reader’s questions…before they even ask! This means that you spend less time answering the same darn questions on the phone and in sessions.


      You play nicely with Google

      You can’t ignore SEO.

      Good copy meets Google’s criteria of being high-quality and works hard to connect you with your next customer through organic search.

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